How Often to Text a Girl You Like

When you get the number, you wonder how often to text a girl you like.
You don’t want to seem too needy, but you also want to make things happen.

The degree to how much you text her varies. Too much and you smother her.
Too little and her attraction for you fades (She starts forgetting the emotions
you made her feel). You might even be committing these texting mistakes
that ruin your chances with a girl.

Here are 3 KEYS¬†to texting a girl in a way that creates attraction…

3 Things To Remember When Texting a Girl

1. Long Conversations Are Bad

A girl may continue to text you back and even initiate conversations with you,
but you are actually hurting your chances if you get into too many text conversations
with her.

See, one of the components of attraction is the desire for attention. Many guys
get into the bad habit of having too many back and forth conversations with a girl,
such that the girl always has the guy’s attention.

If she texts him, there’s a high chance he’ll text back immediately.

She now starts losing any initial attraction she might have had because

a) He isn’t a challenge, at all.

He “gives his hand away.” Instead of being too available, use texting to make her
intrigued to know more about you. Texting isn’t meant for “getting to know her.”

b) The interaction is not progressing.

The man isn’t making any moves to get her out.

Which brings us to our next point.

2. The goal of texting should be to get the girl out.

Therefore, your texts have to get you closer to that meet-up somehow.
Instead of getting to know her over text, this sort of connection should be done
during this get-together. This is when you “get to know her.”

Anytime you find yourself “getting to know” a girl over text, you are decreasing
the likelihood that you’ll ever get her out and sleep with her.

3. Remember to Make a Connection

One of the biggest reasons a girl will flake or cancel is because you did not create
a connection with her.

When guys start learning “game” on the online pick-up community, they easily get
in the habit of only trying to “attract her” in the beginning without forming
any sort of connection. Then when they ask her to hang out, the girl feels like
she doesn’t know the guy. So she doesn’t agree to meet, or she flakes at the last

Connecting with a woman means:

– Let her know she is a unique girl to you and not just a number
(you can do this by giving her a nickname that has to do with her personality)

– Show her you actually listen to what she says
(remember some details and you’ll impress)

– Letting her see you as more than some random dude she met
(one way to do this is to share some things about how your day is going)

When the “heat” of the moment wears off, a girl finds it hard to rationalize
meeting you – so she has to feel like she knows you.

Send at least one connection forming text to accomplish this.

However, don’t go too overboard with this. Remember, don’t get into long
conversations (too much connection) without asking her out.

Too much connection risks being friend zoned or becoming her “texting buddy.”

Once you get her number, how often to text a girl you like depends on a nice balance of
forming a connection and initial attraction. Too much connection and you’re
friendzoned. Too much attraction, and she’ll flake because she doesn’t know you.

Your main goal is to get her to meet up for a date. Before you do that, you must
get the girl to reply to you. Check out the Girl Doesn’t Reply Cheat Sheet Here.
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