How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

Texting is a relatively new way to interact with girls. In fact,
old fashioned calling is much more difficult since girls don’t have
to answer their phone. Texts can be answered at any time and they
stand a better chance of being responded to. However, you still run
into the problem where the girl doesn’t text back – so you have to
know how to flirt with a girl over text properly to get a response,
and eventually, get her out on a date.

The Three Guidelines to Flirting

1. Every Message Should Offer Something
Look in your phone and see how many times you’ve sent
a girl messages like “Hey”,“what’s up?” or “How you doing?”
Now vow to yourself that, from now on, you will never send
these dull, boring messages when you text a girl you like.
These messages do nothing to highlight your unique, fun,
and playful personality, and they put the woman on the spot
to keep the conversation going. If you’ve ever received
one-word, lazy responses from a girl, then you know how
much harder it is to come up with stuff to say when you don’t
have anything to build on. The girl feels the same way, and
it makes it much harder for her to respond. A sexy girl is
probably getting tons of these dull, personality-less messages
from different guys every week..and they annoy the woman.
Texts that you send must offer value, and they should reflect
your own style. Here’s a much more playful and fun message
to text a girl:
“stop thinking about me! :)“
“you just popped in my head and I just wanted to say hi”
These messages don’t put the burden on the girl to keep the
conversation going plus they make her want to message you
back. It makes them want to text flirt with you.
Bottom line: Ask yourself as you craft your text message,
“What is the value I am offering in this text?”
– Are you making her laugh?
– Are you making her feel suspense?
– Are you sparking her curiousity?
2. Keep it Short, Flirty, and Fun

Texting is not the way to “get to know” a woman. Think it
more as a chance to give the girl a “sneak peak” of your
personality and what it’s like to hang out with you. Show
her the “movie trailer” version of your life: Display your
sense of humor, personality, and flirt……A LOT.
Use the same flirtatious tone you would use when you’re
with her face-to-face – tease her, make jokes, get her smiling.
If she likes your style, she will crave getting a sms message
from you.
For example.. if you just met a girl at a club, and you plan on
texting her the next day, don’t send messages like
“Hey, it’s Chris, it was good meeting you last night. What
are you up to?”
There’s a good chance the girl gave her number to 7 other
guys that night, and they all end up texting her the same
formal message the next day. Instead, you want to send
her something flirtarious or playful to give her a “sneak preview”
of your personality. A better text to send would be
“do you speak text?”
“Is it too soon for casual text? I mean I just met you, maybe
we should wait!”
Can you see how interesting and fun it would be for her to get
one of those messages as opposed to the formal and boring type?
In fact, not conveying fun is deadly texting mistake #2 in the
7 Deadly Texting Mistakes Report.

3. Use PUSH/PULL to Spark Her Emotions

Have you ever sent a girl a text, and she didn’t text you
back for a few hours? What went through your mind the
entire time you were awaiting her response?
You probably couldn’t stop thinking about HER, and when
she finally texted you back, you probably felt a sense of
EXCITEMENT.. All those good feelings came rushing in.
Sometimes you get so much into a girl that you feel like
you’re in a roller coaster ride with all its ups and downs.
Similarly, if you build intrigue and mystery when texting a
girl, it’ll create a roller coaster effect for HER.
The cool part about this intrigue and mystery is that you
can create it naturally. How? Think about it. If you are busy
living your life – going out with friends, dedicating time to
your passions and hobbies, focusing on work – then the
time you ration to texting a girl will be that much more
PRECIOUS. When your free time is that much more scarce,
your attention is much more limited which makes you more
ATTRACTIVE. You don’t have time to text a girl constantly
all day like you used to do. This space gives her the chance
to think about you in her head. You give her the GIFT of
missing you. It lets her experience the pleasure of eagerly
anticipating your next message. The concept of scarcity and
and being less available, is probably one of the most important
in the world of dating.

What Should You Message Women?

During your first couple texts you’re not trying to set up a
date. In fact, you are just looking to relax and be playful,
and in doing so it’ll show her that you’re a flirty and fun guy.
You also want to see how much rapport you have with this
girl. The point of texting is to flirt, create a bit of rapport,
and get her thinking about you. Don’t feel the need to answer
EVERY question she asks. In fact, it’s ok to avoid answering
most of them if you’re in playful mode.
Bottom line: Keep your messages short, but exploding with
personality. So if you’re just texting her just to keep in touch,
you can send something like:
“I just bought the most fly pair of sneakers ever for $12.
I’m pumped”

ASSUME rapport. This means text her as if she was a good
friend you’ve known for a while – which means don’t explain
every detail of your life or “get to know her”, and jump right
into the “fun stuff.” So when sending a girl a message for the
first time you can send something like:
“Hey what’s up dork?” or “My kitten is ridiculous”
Get it?

When you know how to flirt with a girl over text, you spark her
emotions better than if you send her a boring, dull text message.
The overall mindset you have should be that of a fun, playful guy.
If you lead like that, she will follow, and good things will happen.

However, if you commit any of these 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes,
it will ruin the attraction she might already have for you.

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