How to Text Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 3 Texts You Should Never Send

You are sitting there, flipping out your phone, your thumb hovering
over the keys.

how to text your ex girlfriend back

You want your ex girlfriend back more than anything in the world.
You want to feel her in your arms and know that she is all yours again.
You wish you knew how to text your ex girlfriend back.

But your thumb starts to shake. You think about her out there without
you and with another man. Smiling at him the way she used to
smile only at you. You feel this awful nausea through your whole body…

And you put your phone back in your pocket wondering what the heck you should say.

The good news is that my friend Michael Fiore has come up with a
technique for using tiny text messages to text your ex girlfriend back to you.

But first, let’s talk about the 3 types of texts you should never
send to your ex girlfriend. These texts push your ex further away and
eliminate your chances of getting back together with her.

Here they are:

1. The Nothing Text

“Yo.”,”Hey.”, “What’s up?” — these are all texts that sound like
they come from a 19 year old frat boy. If your first text doesn’t
contribute or enhance a conversation, it’s most likely a nothing text.

Conversations stemming from nothing texts usually ends up like this:

You: Yo
Ex: Hey
You: What’s up?
Ex: Not much
[You: are now stumped on what to say next..]

And then you two go into a long stalemate where no more texts
are sent for a while, making it awkward as hell.

2. The Needy Text

You just broke up with your girlfriend, and now you really miss her.
You might also worry if she’s dating someone else or why she doesn’t
answer your texts. So you feel like you need to know this and it
gets reflected in your texts.

Sending a girl needy texts usually sounds something like this:

– “What are you doing?”

– “Are you dating someone new?”

– “Why aren’t you texting me back?”

Texting your ex girlfriend a needy text makes you seem
totally insecure. It often leads to the girl getting angry at
you, decreasing your chances of making her your girlfriend again.

3. The Desperate Text
Avoid this text at all cost.

Here are some examples:

– “I’ll do anything.. Please tell me what to do to get you back.”

– “Please give me another chance.”

– “I can’t live without you. I promise I’ll change.”

– “We can work this out, please don’t date someone else.”

These types of texts make you come across as desperate. Whenever you
communicate with your ex girlfriend, remember that you WANT her, but
you don’t NEED her. Always make sure to reflect that attitude.

When your ex feels that you are ok without them, that’s when your
chances of getting her back MONUMENTALLY increase. Now she’s the
one that fears losing you.

Steer clear of these types of text messages (the nothing, needy, and desperate texts)
and you’ll have a much better chance of getting your ex girlfriend back.
Especially if you learn how to text your ex girlfriend back right after
a break up.

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