Why Won’t She Text Me Back

It drives you crazy. The girl doesn’t text back. When you saw her last night she
seemed so into you. Yet today you’ve tried calling and texting only to get an empty
response – and an empty feeling. You ask yourself, why won’t she text me back?

The answer can be many things. She might be busy or her phone might not be working.
But other times, it has to do with your bad texting habits.

Don’t text a girl again until you read this 7 texting mistakes report.

Why She Won’t Text You Back

1. You’re Boring Her

If you start a text conversation with just a hello, you’ll likely get a quick goodbye.
Text greetings that only say “hey”, “what’s up”, or “how are you” are boring.
They contain no value or nothing that will trigger an *emotion* in a woman.
To elicit an emotion in a girl, you need to convey energy and humor. She wants
to feel alive and a simple hi or hello does not do that.

What kind of text triggers an emotion? One that makes her smile or laugh, or
one that sparks her curiousity. Trigger an emotion correctly and you will get her
to reply very quickly. Think about a time when you texted your best friend very exciting
news. Your friend quickly gives you a response, right? You’ve done this before so
think of this when you are texting a girl.

2. You’re too needy

If a girl doesn’t text you back, do not ask her why she’s not texting you back.
Don’t show any sign that you are bothered by this and absolutely do not whine to
her. This will guarantee no more responses from her.
Examples of being needy:
-Asking a girl why she’s not texting you back
-Texting her every day
-Seeking for approval
-Trying to get into a text conversation for as long as possible
-Sending too many good morning texts

If a girl doesn’t reply, calm down, and stop the urge from asking her why.
Instead, get amused by it. Then say something like,

“You know I love shy girls and here you are acting like one!”

(Courtesy of Magnetic Messaging)

3. You’re Too Friendly and “Nice”

Being too nice means that you are:
-not being yourself by doing risky manly stuff
-not proposing to get together with her
-not showing any interest in her
-tip toeing around what you say because you’re afraid it’ll offend her.

When you’re too nice, no tension will form between you and the girl. With no tension
the girl won’t feel the thrill of emotions that makes her want you. She wants a man
that complements her feminine nature. Which means that she gets to be “nice”, not you.
This male-female polarity is precisely what creates chemistry.

You’re probably head over heels for her. Show her that energy that excites you and
it’ll probably bounce back from her to you.

How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

If your buddy texts you “Hey dude! guess what??”, you reply immediately, right?
This is because the above text grabbed your curiousity. What if your friend then
waits an hour to get back to you? You feel suspense because you are anxiously waiting
for the news. Throughout the whole hour you’ve been playing scenarios in your head.
Maybe something really funny happened, or there’s some really good news that affect
you positively. You just want to know!

What if you text a girl something like,

“lol.. is it true?” or “haha..is it true what I heard about you?”

First of all, there’s a good chance she’s going to respond immediately.
She’ll want to know what you heard about her. So she responds with “what?..and then
you take an hour to respond.

She will be in suspense during this whole time!

When you finally do tell her. You release the tension by making her laugh. If she
works at walmart, for example, you’ll say something like,

“I heard you won the Walmart employee of the month so they awarded you McDonald’s coupons…now we can have that McDonald’s candelit date we’ve always dreamed about!”

How could she not laugh at that?
Everything, from the employee of the month, to the coupons, to the fact that you
both have dreamed about this date for a while, is all made up. You are providing
comedic value to this girl and when you provide value, you become attractive.

I constantly hear guys asking “why won’t she text me back”, and when I see their
texts I realize they are either boring the girl, acting too needy, or being too nice
by tip-toeing around her to avoid risks. I suggest you read about the 7 deadly texting mistakes. By signing up, you’ll also get the pdf of the “girl doesn’t text back cheat sheet” with 3 of my favorite hook texts to use when a girl doesn’t text back. Grab it HERE.

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