Funny Things to Text a Girl

We have all sent messages to a girl saying things like
“How are you”, “Hey”, or just “Hi” only to never get a reply. These
texts are never fun, and put the burden of leading the conversation,
on the girl. For instance, have you ever sent a girl a long text
message only to have the girl give you a lazy one word response? It’s
hard to build off that small bit of what she gave you. That is how
girls feel when guys send her dull, emotionless texts, and that is
a big reason why girls don’t reply.

The key to texting girls is to make her feel fun. Just like manyhot girl laughing at funny texts
other talents in life, crafting funny things to text a girl is a SKILL.
I know you want to enjoy your interaction with this woman, and once
you do, your passion will show, making it very EASY for her to respond.

Ok, let’s talk about the SKILL. I’m going to tell you about a
simple and silly and technique you can use to craft funny things
to text a girl you like. On the surface, it’s just to playfully exaggerate
what you say, but you are communicating much more than what
you’re actually saying. You are expressing your enjoyment for
the preciousness of life by using grandiose adjectives to describe
your experiences and you want to share those bits of moments
with the girl.

But what do you mean by exaggeration?
For example. Let’s say I just had coffee.
So I write “Just had coffee”
Then I add an edge to it . I rewrite it so it becomes:
“Just had a cup of coffee that must have been brewed by
the hand of GOD..delicious!”
“Just bought a pair of jeans”
turns into
“I just bought the most fly pair of sneakers ever for $12.
I’m pumped”

Get it?

Here’s an Exercise:
Brainstorm grandiose adjectives like life-changing, world -class, 5-star,
and craft your own text messages in your own style.
You can come up with multiple ways of writing one specific annecdote:
“Just ate a life-changing/ world-class/5-star pancake, made my day.”

Ps: If you really really want to revolutionize your text-game,
The Magnetic Messaging Ebook/Video Course is jam-packed with an insane amount of these texting techniques.

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