Things to Text a Girl to Make Her Smile

We live in an attention deficit world. Advertisements, commercials,
tv shows, computers, ipads, cell phones, bosses, teachers, parents,
alarms, homework, studying – all of these things have our attention
at some time or another…so we have to find time throughout our day
to make an impact with our communication with friends, or in this
case, with a beautiful girl.

You probably are here because you are thinking of things to text a
girl to make her smile.

Knowing just a few tips, and adding a bit of creativity can help you
come up with a bunch of things.
smiling girl after texting her things to make her smile
It helps to know how to spike a girl’s curiosity.
Doing so effectively leads to her texting you back right away.
This is because we all care about opinions about ourselves and
how a really interesting story ends.

4 Techniques to Make a Girl Smile in a Text Conversation

1. Curiosity and Roleplay
For example, I recently came up with a playful way to make a girl
smile while getting her curious at the same time.

I simply sent her this text:
“Haha.. is it true?”

Now the girl responds with “huh?” or “what do you mean?”
Then I text her something like
“I heard the Easter bunny got lost getting to town, so you dressed
up in a bunny suit to charm the entire town.”

How can she not smile at that?

She sees you as a FUN and EXCITING guy who she would want to hang
out with.

Another way the girl will respond to
“Haha.. is it true?”

is with


Which means that it’s on! (And she’s playing with you like a cute puppy)

Then you can say,

“Since when?!”  and you go on and on.

See how you can get into a silly role-play that doesn’t even make sense
and still create a fun vibe that leads to making a girl feel ATTRACTION?

Compare that to the typical boring texts all the other guys send her
like “hey”, “what u up to”, and “how you doing?”

Boring texts lead to girls not texting you back.

That’s why not being fun is one of the 7 Dangerous Texting Mistakes
that ruin your chances with a woman.

These 7 texting mistakes KILL ATTRACTION…so you better become
“aware” of them before you let another girl slip between your fingers.

Creating fun in your texts lead to feelings of attraction in a woman and
it makes her more likely to keep texting YOU.

2. The Text Ninja

“there may or may not be a ninja in my room right now”

This random humor might also start a roleplay. She’ll either smile
and play along, or mention how random you are. Any kind of reply
means she was intrigued enough to reply.

3. The Divine Omelette

“just ate an omelette crafted by the hand of GOD.. delicious!”

“hope you’re having a divine morning as well ;)”

I know some of you guys like sending good morning texts to girls –
and most of the time they sound cheesy. This is a better way to
make her smile in the morning. You are giving her a funny anecdote
of your day and blowing it out of proportion with exaggeration. This
should make her laugh and curious to why the omelette was so good.
Immediately after the first text, you send her a text that connects
with her by saying you hope she’s having a divine morning too. This
gives her a good reason to respond and reciprocate by telling you
how her day is going.

4. The Good Ole Knock Knock Joke

The great thing about jokes is that their length fit nicely into
the space you have to write a text. The structure of the joke can
even be split into a few texts. For example, check out this fun
knock knock joke.

Knock knock.. who’s there?.. orange… orange who?.. orange you
going to say you miss me?

The great thing about a knock knock joke is that you build a ladder
of compliance as she is responding to your texts.

These are 4 things to text a girl to make her smile. They also make
her laugh, spike her curiosity, and generally make it easy for her
to respond to you. Let’s see if you can come up with more role plays,
exaggerated anecdotes (divine omelette can be divine pancake), and
knock knock jokes to add to your texting arsenal.

The single biggest thing you need to do if you want to attract a girl over
text is to eliminate bad texting behaviors.

After you read this eBook, you will “awake” to texting mistakes
you might be (accidentally) making.

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