What to Text a Girl You Just Met

So you meet a girl, you both hit it off, and she gives you her
number. Awesome. Excitement runs through your mind about
the interaction and all the possibilities.. Except you aren’t sure
of what to text a girl you just met.

Nonetheless, you decide to text her the next day and you have
a text conversation. You feel the interaction progressing so you
are happy about it.

So you have another long “text conversation” the next day, and
then another. However, now you hit a point where the girl
doesn’t text back or answers with only one word texts. You are
now confused.

These long text conversations are what gets you into trouble.

See, girls think that when there’s chemistry, “things”
will happen fast. When a guy texts her back and forth too much
without asking her out, the girl winds up talking herself out of
meeting up with him.

That is why getting into long text conversations is one of the
7 Deadly Texting Mistakes that ruin men’s chances with women.

She feels he isn’t “the one”, or it would have happened already.

For this reason, you have to propose a get-together as soon
as possible. If you don’t escalate or propose a get-together,
she’ll only see you as her “text buddy”!

A cool way to ask a girl out is by playfully teasing her at
the same time. Try something like:

“I downloaded [insert nerdy movie] and need some cute, nerdy,
[insert unique quality] girl to watch it with

Do you know any?;)”

This is a great, playful way to give out a compliment without
coming off too strong. It playfully invites a girl to a movie,
but then teases her at the end.

Bottom line: Don’t feel like you have to text a girl all the time
to try to ‘get her to like you’ over text. Instead, focus on sending
her a few well-timed texts that get her to meet up as quickly as
possible. You want to “get to know her” in person, not become her
“texting buddy”. You have a window of opportunity to get her out
before she starts losing interest.

Missing the window of opportunity is one of the mistakes listed in
the 7 deadly texting mistakes ebook.

What To Text A Girl To Eliminate Flaking

1. Make sure the interaction is actually good – Don’t force it.

There’s a type of thinking in the PUA community that says
you need to keep talking with the girl even if the interaction
is going bad. Sure, it’s possible to turn it around if you blow
the initial approach, but if you’re getting a lot of flaking –then
your interactions aren’t going as well as you thought they
were. Girls might even be getting annoyed that you are still
talking to them, yet they end up giving you their numbers to
be polite. You”ll get saved in their phone as something like,
‘Never pick up.’

Bottom line: feel it in your gut if things are
going well. If not, don’t bother going for the number unless
you are prepared to deal with flaking.

2. Make sure that you trade numbers with each other.

Trading numbers means you get her number and she gets
yours as well. This is to avoid confusion when you text her
later. So when you text her, you don’t appear as an unknown
number and she won’t go, ‘???’ ,’Huh?’ ,’Who is this?’,
or anything similar. Now your purpose shouldn’t be the number.
In fact, your purpose should be a good interaction. Good
interactions are the things you should be shooting for. You
should be able to go for the number provided that the interaction
is going well. It should be the most natural thing in the whole
exchange. So make it seem like you’re not overeager to get it.

3. Text her some callback humor.
Callback humor is making a reference of something you
talked about earlier. For example, If you talked about cake
and it stood out, text her a hilarious joke about cake.
Remind her of anything that you talked about and do it
in a light and playful way. She’ll be much more likely to text
you back – which is the point of all of this – for girls to text
you back. Callback humor is any inside joke. It establishes
an emotional connection because it is something you and
the girl shared. Callback is the perfect technique in texting
a girl you just met and most PUAs recommend it.

4. Hilarious Pictures

Everybody out there now has some version of a smart
phone that can do crazy things a PUA from the 1960’s
would never dream of. Like, for example, send pictures.
There is a plethora of pictures one can pull from the ocean
of the internet: hilarious genius cats, funny memes, etc..
For anything anyone can laugh about, there is a picture
with words. It’s an easy way to make someone laugh without
thinking too much or if you’re bad at making jokes.

5. Stupid jokes
The structure of a joke is perfectly made to fit to the size
of text messages. Plus, you can’t mess up the presentation
of the joke by stuttering or mumbling and you have more time
to actually review your “textual presentation” of the joke. That
being said, being funny over text can be relatively easy. Find
some jokes and experiment with.

You’ll find some things that will work for you and other things
that don’t. That’s yours to experiment with and make it happen!

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