How To Text Girls

So you go out and get a girl’s number. Now you have two options.
You can call, or send a text message. Guys typically choose what is
easier – they send a text message. Texting gives you the better
chance of a girl replying. This is because a phone call has to be
answered right away while a text can be answered at any time. Even
so, girls don’t text back. The reason is that most of us don’t know
how to text girls properly.

When a girl doesn’t text back, most of us think it’s because the
girl doesn’t like us, our appearance, or something else that we fry
our brains trying to figure out. Very often, the problem is just a
small detail – a simple text message.

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What is the purpose of texting?

1. Create a connection between you and a girl

2. To keep in touch, until you see the girl again

3. To build your interaction with a girl to the point where you can
easily start flirting.

Before we get into what texts to send, let’s talk about some serious
mistakes men make when texting girls.

Mistake #1. Texts with no purpose or meaning

Stuff like “Hey”,”How’s it going”, or “What’s up”.
These texts don’t make you stand out from all the other guys who
text her these things as well. Why would she answer yours?

Mistake #2. Texting a girl often

If you text a girl every hour, then trust me, you will kill all the
mystery and intrigue. This is because she knows you will text her
soon. Don’t be too predictable. Instead, only send texts every once
in a while to keep her guessing.

Mistake #3. Having long text conversations

Ever had a long text conversation with a girl and suddenly she
didn’t text back? How do you feel? You spend hours worrying that you
said something wrong. The reason for her no-reply is that girls get
bored when a guy texts her for too long without proposing a meet-up.
Texting is not meant for “getting to know women”. Save that for the’

Every time you text a girl, put a bit of fun and flirtatiousness
into your text. Don’t be dull and boring, but at the same time don’t
show too much of yourself, save that for the date.

Think about this – women want a man she loves to spend time with. If
you start off the relationship with a text that she forgets to
answer, she isn’t feeling that fun.

3 Main Rules On How To Text Girls

Rule #1: Always provide value with your texts

What do I mean by that? Try to craft a text that a girl doesn’t have
to answer, but would still want to do it. Let’s analyze this a bit

A) text that a girl doesn’t have to answer
If you asks lots of questions expecting replies, it shows neediness.
On the otherhand, statements are masculine. Think about it, there is
more inherent risk in saying a statement because people can disagree
with it. A question implies “I don’t know” and asks a girl to lead
the interaction. That is a big no-no. You’re a man and you should be
B) would still want to do it.
If the message makes her smile, laugh, or curious, she will feel the
need to respond.

Rule #2: Make it short

In this “attention deficit” world, people like to absorb little
packets of information at a time. Long messages are harder to digest.
Give her a movie trailer preview of *you* that makes her want more
of your personality.

Rule #3: Don’t be predictable.
If you always reply to her texts right away, it makes you predictable.
Texts can virtually be answered at any time after receiving them. So
don’t feel the need to reply right away. In fact, if you are a busy
guy, you will most likely be doing something when a girl texts you.
So it feels more natural to text her back when you’re more free. As
a rule of thumb, have a text conversation with her only when you can
fully dedicate your mind to it. You’ll be more effective and will
have more mind space for creativity.

If you only reply when you naturally are most free, you’ll find
yourself replying to her texts at different times – 20 minutes or 2
hours or 2 days, etc.. This will leave her wondering.

In conclusion, I will now summarize what you need to do when thinking
about how to text girls. Don’t answer all of a girl’s questions, try
to flirt, don’t be predictable, be fun with your texting, and save
most of your interaction for a face-to-face date.

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4 thoughts on “Texting Rules

  1. dorian

    the girl im texting now is hard to figure out how do i approach her so she can open up more?

  2. Frankie Post author

    If she’s only replying with one word texts or not replying at all, then you’re
    probably not engaging her emotions. Emotions = getting her attention. That means you evoke emotions like happiness, laughter, curiousity, and suspense.
    Even anger is better than not sparking an emotion at all.

    Send her a text that stirs up some emotion in her (like making her laugh)
    and see how she responds. Good luck buddy.

  3. Name

    I was talking to this girl and one of my mistakes was that i was to needy and i was texting way to much now i have gone out with her but not like a date and im friendzoned but we talk now and then but i want to spark somrrhing in her anything that makes her dout her mind for the decision she made about me.. What should i write or do? Pls answer

  4. Chris

    im 15 years old. well, im texting my crush right now and im having troubles to have/keep a conversation going. and i want to get to know her more but it still seems hat she sends short messages. i want to make her laugh. is tere any topics or ideas on how to keep the conversation going or making her laugh? because i want to know a lot about her interest. please help! thanks.

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