Should the Guy Always Text First

You meet a girl, things go awesome, and you both exchange phone numbers. Now you
are wondering how to text, how much to text, and how to get her attracted over text.
These questions, among others, will now be answered.

4 Common “Texting a Girl” Questions

1. Should the guy always text first?

Guys are supposed to text girls first. If the girl messages
you first, awesome, but don’t count on women to do it (even if she likes you).

See, you are the man, and she is the woman. So you have to lead. This isn’t just
a made up rule in society, it’s the chemistry inside us. When a man has dominance
in the presence of a woman, the woman will instinctively feel attraction for him.

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2. What Do I Text Her?

Remember how you met this girl. Think about the connection you made with her. What
was it that created the attraction? You might have talked about something funny, or
shared a common interest, or maybe there was some witty banter.

Now you have to use callback humor on your first text to bring back that fun theme
you two had going. Here’s an example. If you both talked about being able to make
“the best omelette” text her something like.

“I hope you’re honing your Omelette making skills missy!!
fun meeting you, Dino”

3. How Often Do I Text a Woman?

It is a bad idea to wait a few days right after you get her number.
The reason is this: she has you fresh in her mind, and you don’t want to ruin that.
If she’s attractive, she probably gets the attention of many other guys – and you
might be one out of a few that she gave her number to.

With this in mind, attention is the biggest commodity. You can see how waiting a
few days to “look cool” can backfire on you.

If you met her on a Saturday night, send the first text around Sunday

Once you start texting, beware of getting into long conversations that get you
nowhere. It suggests you have nothing better to do with your life.

Avoid being needy (don’t do the following things)

-Sending more than one text in a row (keep it simple)
-Texting her every hour
-Sending texts at the same times during the day (too predictable)

If she doesn’t reply, don’t text her again asking why she’s not responding. Worst
of all, don’t be rude of whiney. That’ll 100% guarantee you a no-response.

4. How Do I Get Her To Like Me?

We previously went over what your first text should be. The best way to raise a
girl’s attraction level is to spark an emotion. If you spark her emotions, it means
you are in her mind. The more you are on her mind, the more she convinces herself
that she likes you.

Let’s review: Should the guy always text first? You should always have the mindset
that you’re going to text first (unless she does).

You have to then create a connection, and spark the girl’s emotions. Stay with a
playful attitude and never get bothered when a girl doesn’t answer your texts.
Your goal should be to eventually get her out. That’s why you got her number, right?

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