How to Talk Dirty to a Girl Over Text

Most of the time, sexting doesn’t happen right off the bat. Like having
real sex in real life, you have to start slow and then transition. There
are different stages, such as, initial flirting, hand holding, and kissing,
that happen before sex. Similarly, there’s a better chance of sexting if
you’ve already kissed the girl (or talked romantically over text). These
4 ways to initiate sexting are sexting transitions that “plant a seed”
before “making your move” towards sexy-time. Like many other things in
life, this is a skill you can choose to learn. With enough practice, you
will know how to talk dirty to a girl over text without even thinking about it.

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4 Ways to Initiate Sexting

1. Intuition

This is like a cold read in that you are guessing something about her.
Playfully assume she’s thinking naughty thoughts.
“I’m feeling a bad girl vibe from you today”

Toss that into the mix and let her prove you wrong.. or right 😉
She is “thinking naughty thoughts” is different than actually saying
“you are naughty.” You want to be subtle at first. Always remember:
a little bit of finesse can go a long way.

2. Accuse Her

Accuse her of something naughty. If she is wearing a short miniskirt,
tell her “aww.. you wore that sexy outfit just for cute”. Tell
her it might be working on you and she better watch out — and if she
doesn’t watch out, you two will be condemned to having passionate sex
that night.

If she ever starts disagreeing with you or play-fighting, playfully
mention “you aren’t helping your chances of getting into bed with me..”

Brainstorm things that would make her appear naughty so you can
playfully accuse her of it.

3. “Thinking of You” During Work

Girls feel special when you think about them while being away. Text her
an interesting anecdote and then tell her what you’d rather be doing.
Something like:

“I’m at work having very not-safe-for-work thoughts about throwing you
down on my desk…”

I love this type of text because it blends being sweet with sexy. If you have
a Sexting Arsenal, this skill definitely belongs in it. You take the time to let her
know you are thinking about her, but then paint a sexual picture in her head.
It can also get her ready for the night ahead…

“I’m pretty busy today, but I can add one thing to my to-do list. U”

4. Grocery shopping

-The topic of food is one of the easiest to spin into sex
-Food items can be used in sexy ways
-Brainstorm ways you can use them to their full potential 😉

2.Whip Cream

“Do you need anything from the store? Do we have enough chocolate, whip cream, and strawberries?”

-hand-feeding her grapes and strawberries
-Licking chocolate off her body
-putting whip cream on her nipples

Plausible Deniability (PD)

– PD is the idea that one can deny blame for something because he has
deliberately made himself unaware of it
– PD is a tool you can use to escalate sexually over text.

Texting a girl sexual things is much more effective when you add a
touch of finesse. How does PD add that finesse? Well..PD in sexting is
when you escalate the interaction into something sexual while being
able to deny blame for it. In other words, you can get away with
saying something risky and playfully denying blame for it if it
doesn’t work. The mindset I want you to remember is to keep it loose
and playful. You are playfully denying it (it will be obvious that you
are trying to escalate with the girl) — But the PD adds a touch of
finesse that makes your shameless, sexual statements “high status”
when compared to the cliche sexual statements all the other guys use.
(In other words, you will be a sly and sophisticated motherf**ker..hehe :-))

If a girl says “the test is so hard!”, and you say “I’m sorry it’s so hard ;)”,
the winky implies you mean it in a sexy way, but she can’t blame you
because you can playfully deny it and say you meant the test.

I encourage you to try this out and practice. As your skills get sharp,
and you really know how to talk dirty to a girl over text, it will seem like magic.

I know you might want an effective guide for this, so I went on and created a
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