How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl

There are many ways to start a text conversation with a girl. Many
good ways and many bad ways. The most important thing to remember
is, “what is your purpose in texting this girl?” Is your purpose to
make a new texting buddy? No. You got her number so that sometime
in the near future, you’ll eventually get her out on a date. Next
time you think about how to start a text conversation with a girl,
aim your text convo towards this goal.

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Let’s think about some different ways we can communicate with a girl
via text. Today I will talk about flirting, jokes, roleplaying, and
future projections. Here we go..

1. Flirting Over text
Flirting with girls is an art, and many guys don’t know how to flirt
with a girl properly (or even what flirting actually is). I actually
used to think flirting was just a bunch of compliments and hitting
on the girl. Sure, that is a type of flirting, but certainly not the best
way to flirt with a girl. Why? Because hot girls are complimented
ALL the time, so you’re not standing out. You have to introduce an
element of finesse. Be subtle with your compliments, and add a
little bit of teasing. Trust me, a girl knows when you like her, but the
way you express it is key.

Instead of saying “Your eyes are so beautiful like the stars”, which
is very cheesy and flattering (and she’s probably heard it before),
you can text a girl,
“stop thinking about me!”

This is a much more effective way to flirt with a girl. It implies
that you “get it” plus it makes the interaction super fun.

2. Jokes Over Text

The wonderful thing about a joke is that its typical length fits
nicely in the character space of a text message. Even the structure
of the joke, from premise to punchline, can be separated throughout
a few back and forth texts. Below is a text exchange example of the
classic knock knock joke:

Guy: knock knock
Girl: who’s there?
Guy: Orange
Girl: orange who?
Guy: Orange you going to say you miss me?

As you can see, you can build compliance with the back and forth
nature of texting.

3. Roleplay

I recently came up with a cute way to text a girl.
I simply texted her,

“ it true?”
She replied,
Then I said,
“Since when ? !”
..and we kept playing along.

See how we had a silly roleplay without any of it being real or logical?

In fact, I didn’t even plan for it to go this way. I was planning to
say “I heard the Easter bunny got lost getting to [her city] so you
dressed up in a bunny suit and charmed the entire town”.

Which is another way to introduce a roleplay. Plus you can then tell
her something about imagining her in a bunny suit 😉

4. Future Projections

Let’s say you and a girl already planned a date, but you are texting
her during the “in between” days leading up to the date. Another fun
way to have a text conversation with a girl is to talk about what
you two will do during that date, but with a touch of exaggeration.
So if you two are going to the beach, be like,

You : Are you excited for our beach adventure? I can’t wait to pet the
whales and wrestle the sea lions!
She: lol blah blah

If you have been wondering how to start a text conversation with a
girl, I’m sure you now have an idea of what to do. Just remember,
you want to propose a meet-up eventually, not play textual grabass
for weeks and weeks. Make it happen!

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