Good First Text to a Girl

Right now, you are thinking of the girl you just met. You had a great night and
she ended up giving you her number – so you want to find a good first text to a girl.
a good first text to a girl makes a good first impression
An effective first text has these components:

-Your name
Think of this experience: you send your initial text to a girl, then she responds with “who is this?” It gives you a lame feeling. You wanted to
start off well, but now you’ve lost some momentum and have to go through the
“it’s me, Dino, from the club last night.”

With women, value is given when you make a woman feel emotions. If you make her
laugh, curious, intrigued, or even feel suspense, she will remember that you made
her feel those emotions.

How do you incorporate this into your first text?

By reminding her of emotions she felt at the time you met her. To do this, you
mention something funny you two experienced, like an inside joke, or a funny observation.

Anything that made her laugh that night, remember it and somehow mention it in
your text.

If it was a loud club and you didn’t have time to talk, then you don’t have anything
to work with.

Still you must engage her emotions.

That’s why not being fun is one of the 7 Dangerous Texting Mistakes that ruin
a man’s chance with a woman.

Being silly and playful can brighten up her day when she sees your text.

3 Awesome First Texts to a Girl

1. Playful

If you send her something like,
“Hey [girl’s name], it’s [your name].
Save this number, it’s the most important one you’ll ever get :-)”

You give her your name, plus there’s a good chance she’ll laugh or smile when she
gets this.

2. The Anecdote
Another thing you can do is send her an interesting anecdote about your day.

“Just had a tuna sandwich that must have been crafted by the hand of God, so delish..”

“Hope you’re having a divine day as well,”

..and right afterwards connect with her by mentioning that you hope her day is
also going fantastic.

3. Flirty
“Is it too soon for casual texting? I mean I just met you, maybe we should wait!”

A fantastic text to send to a girl with whom you have a flirty vibe.

It easily sets up back and forth banter. So don’t be surprised if she replies with
“no we must not wait any longer!” or “let’s keep this strictly professional!”

How to Text a Girl (after the first text)


– Get into a text conversation that gets you nowhere.
– Text for hours and hours
– Text without a purpose


– Remain positive and playful. If you bore her, you’ll hit a point where she
doesn’t text back.
– Plan to send well-timed texts that go for the meet-up.
– Be clear and specific

Unclear texting:

“Hey Jane, we should hang out tomorrow or something”

Clear and concise texting:

“Meet up at 9, at [venue], we’ll take a walk – will be fun. Let me know.”

It is important to send a good first text to a girl right after you meet her,
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watch “First Text to a Girl – 3 Examples of a Good First Text” on Youtube

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