3 Sexting Examples

You might already know a girl with whom you have regular flirty banter.
Or maybe you just met a girl, but want to main sexual tension while you
two are away from each other. Maybe you are looking for sexting examples
because you’re in the middle of a steamy text conversation and you really
want to turn her on at this very moment. Perhaps the girl is sending you
suggestive texts and you want to keep up.

The good news is that, many times, turning a girl on over the phone is
actually easier than getting her out. This is because women visualize and
feel words. Girls actually get turned on by words. Imagine.. a few carefully
placed words in front of a girl’s eyes can have the equivalent effect of a
guy watching 30 minutes of porn.

Let that sink in for a second.

With this in mind, knowing how to sext can be a very useful skill for a guy to have.
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What is Sexting?

There’s a misconception. Some people think it’s all about talking dirty, or having
sex over text. Although both ideas have some truth, sexting is most effective when
it arises from a normal, natural text conversation.

A guy can’t just start telling a girl what he wants to do to her.

It has to arise in conversation – whether he planned it or not. This is good news,
because it means you can plan to make this happen. All you have to do is have the
right mindset before you text a girl.

For some sexting examples illustrating sexting within a conversation, check out the
video on the top right.

Key Mind Frames to Have Before Sexting

1. Visualize this girl all alone in her bed, holding her cell phone and reading your
texts. This is her private time. This is when she relaxes from her day and doesn’t
mind releasing a bit of tension before going to bed. The key is for you to assume that girls LOVE doing this – which they do.

If you think to yourself “this girl wants to be horny, I just have to lead her there”, you’ll have a higher chance of succeeding. You’ll find more girls will want to sext
with you when you start assuming that they do.

2. To women, sexting is not physical. It is the emotional arousal of the girl. S
he doesn’t think of physical sex in the way that a man does. Instead, she feels it
and gets aroused by thinking about how it would FEEL. Men get aroused by thinking
of how a girl would look. Girls get aroused by thinking about her feelings she would
feel. Hence, the words she reads state those feelings and she gets aroused by those words.

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