How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

It happens all the time. You meet a girl, you get her number, you text her,
yet she never responds to your text. If you only knew how to get a girl to text you back,
then texting with girls would be a lot easier. When a girl doesn’t text back, we
usually think she’s just not interested in us, so we quit. Other times we blame it
on the female race. Then we vent about it to our buddies.

The truth is that, many times, we can control our results. It’s stuff that we do.
Sure it can be her fault, but why worry about things you can’t control?

The bad news is that you won’t be able to get 100% of the women to text you back.

The good news is that you can control 100% of your texting habits.

Go through your phone and check how many times you’ve messaged a girl first texts
that only say “Hey”, “What’s up”, or “How are you”. Now erase those texts and promise
yourself that you’re never going to send those boring, personality-less texts to a
girl again.

Think about when you are texting a girl and she replies with one-word answers like,
“ok”, or even “lol”. Sure the second text makes it seem that she’s laughing at your
jokes, but she gives you nothing to work with. Now you have a hell of a lot more work
to do when you text her again, than when she contributes to the joke or conversation.

This is how women feel when you only begin the text exchange with a value deprived
message like “Hey”. She has nothing to work with, and it’s as if you are expecting
her to lead the conversation. This is a big no-no. You are the man, so you lead.
When you lead, natural chemistry is created between you and the female.
This is the chemistry women love to feel.

Before you text any other girl, read about the 7 deadly texting mistakes.
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Rules For Getting Her to Text Back

#1 Always Provide Value With Your Texts

For women, value is anything that can stimulate her emotions. If you send texts
that make her feel emotions, you will grab her attention. There are a variety of
emotions you can make a women feel. Make her laugh, smile, curious, suspenseful, etc..
and you’ll be in good shape.

Making her curious, in particular, is my favorite way to get a girl to text back.
I like to send what I like to call hook texts. These texts make a girl so curious
that she’ll reply right away. I provide 3 of my favorite hook texts in the
“girl doesn’t text back cheat sheet.” Grab it HERE

#2 Stop the Neediness

If you are needy, you
– Text her every day
– Try too hard not to offend her
– Get into long text conversations with women because it feels like she is liking you more
– Start worrying when she doesn’t text back
– Ask her why she doesn’t text back
– Have “one-itis”

The Curse of One-itis

I will further explain what one-itis means. One-itis is when you are so into one girl
that she dominates your thoughts and, hence, your judgements. This is the super-crush
that we have all had in our lives. She gets into your head like a brain-ninja, even
making it hard to think of other girls.

The cure for one-itis is not easy, but it’s simple. The cure is Abundance.

See, when you have one-itis, you have a scarcity mindset. The only girl for you
in the whole world is your crush. It’s as if you two were the last survivors on Earth
and you just had to have her.

The truth is that there are billions of other females spinning around in this planet
with us. Changing your mindset to one of abundance, eliminates the one-itis feeling.

More specifically, start thinking about other hot girls you’ve been in contact with.
Imagine them in your mind and get turned on by thinking about them.

Ever heard of thoughts become actions? This is precisely what you will do. Once you
start thinking about other females that you like, you will slowly, but surely, eliminate
one-itis. You will still want your crush, but it’s not like you need her.

Showing her that you want her is good. It means you are aggressive and that increases
your chances of success. But showing her that you need her comes from the needyness
brought on by the one-itis. It will push her away, plus, you’ll be less aggressive when
you’re afraid of making a mistake.

Lots of these needy mistakes can be eliminated if you know what to look out for.
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