How to Text a Girl For The First Time

Wondering how to text a girl for the first time can be confusing.

This is how it might go:

You meet a girl. She is beautiful, smart, charming. Exactly your type.

You have a good conversation, she laughs at your jokes – she even seems to be into you.

The night goes great and then you go your separate ways – so you go for
the number. She gives it to you, and you leave. You leave the club/venue walking
like a rockstar. You’ve got the swagger.

Now she’s in your mind. You imagine the future date you two will have, and even
the first kiss. You might even imagine her being your girlfriend.

The next day rolls along and you’ve got to make a decision.
Should I text her now or wait a few days?

The timing of your first text generally doesn’t matter. If you are being interesting,
text away. Just don’t wait too long or her interest may fade away.
Strike while the iron is hot!

The first text is the most important. Why? Because if the girl doesn’t text back,
then you don’t even get to ask her out.

This is where most guys make their first mistake.

They might send her something like,
“Hey it’s Chris from last night, nice to meet you”

If she gave her number to other guys that night, they’re probably sending her
the same boring, generic text message the next day.

This text contains no value. By value, I mean it doesn’t spark the girl’s emotions.

Send her something that makes her laugh, smile, curious, suspenseful..etc.

3 Guidelines For Your First Text to a Girl

1. Have a Purpose

Why do we get a girl’s phone number? Why do we call or text them?
Answer: to get them out on a date. Before you text a girl, plan in advance to
propose a meet-up. Girls start to lose interest when a guy texts them for too long
without getting them out on a date. That’s why you must get them out before
the window of opportunity closes.

2. Be Fun and Playful

Instead of being stiff and formal, be fun and playful.
Say something like
“Is it too soon for casual text? I mean we just met, maybe it’s too soon!”

If your in-person interaction was filled with a lot of banter and flirting, then
this is a great text to send.

Think of something you two shared. Your aim is to bring back the fun and good
memories you two shared.

Possible shared things:

-Same location – It can be as simple as being in the same location. You can mention something interesting about the location.
-Inside joke about a funny old man
-The theme of conversation you had with her.
-Remind her of anything funny or flirty that went on between you and her.
-Anything you did that kept making her laugh

Mention any of these in your first text to bring back the fun.

3. No Long Text Conversations
Texting is not meant for “getting to know her.” Save that for the date.
When you text a girl, send her bits and pieces of your personality, a few fun texts
and then pull the trigger (propose the meet-up). No hours of hours of texting that
will get you nowhere.

Your Texting Game Plan

Learning how to text a girl for the first time is just the tip of the iceberg
when it comes to texting girls. There is a lot more to cover than what I can write
into one article. However, I do recommend that you watch this video on the
3 texts to get her out.

You’ll get a precise breakdown on how to reply to different texts a girl
might send to you. Including ways to tease her, roleplaying, and witty banter lines.

Texting is rapidly becoming the new skill to learn when interacting with girls.
If you’re unsure on how to text girls, watch this video now.

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