Texting a Girl Tor the First Time

So you went out this weekend and had a lot of fun socializing with
women. In fact, one of them gave you her number. Awesome. Now what
do you do? You now must be imagining what it’s like to take her
out, and how it’ll feel when you make your move on her. However,
that won’t happen unless you propose a date and she agrees, and if
you have trouble texting a girl for the first time, she might not
reply at all. Many guys make texting mistakes that hurt their
chances with a girl. Chances are, you are making at least one.
Fixing your mistakes is the easiest way to significantly improve
your text game. All you have to do is remember them – here are the
top 4 texting mistakes.

Top 4 Texting Mistakes

Blunder #1: Long text conversations

I know you’ve done this before. I certainly have. We often get
into long back and forth text conversations with girls as soon as
they get their number. This goes on for maybe a day or two, and then
suddenly the girl doesn’t text back. What happened? She got bored
of texting without it actually going anywhere. See, girls feel that
when there’s chemistry, things happen fast. This means that the
more time you spend time texting her before getting her out, the
less likely it is to get her out.

Blunder #2: Going For a Meet-Up Before Sparking Her Emotions

Have you ever noticed that girls can be flip-floppy? One day she
seems interested in you and you think to yourself “it’s on!” Other
days she seem cold and distant and you wonder if you did or said
anything wrong. The answer is that girls largely go by their

If we apply this to texting, then it means that you have a better
chance of getting a girl out if you make her laugh or curious
beforehand. That’s why you can’t just text her, “let’s go out”.
You’ve got to do a bit of work first.

Think of an inside joke you two shared, a funny annecdote about
your day, or find a silly joke online. Find a way to make her
laugh, then ask her out.

Blunder #3 Trying to Get Her to “Like You” Over Text

When you text a girl, your main goal is to get her out. Many guys
try to get a girl to like them by “gaming” them too much over text.
While it is good too spark interest and attraction, you can only do
so much. You have a better effect doing it in person. So after you
send her your opening super funny text and she replies with a “haha”
Don’t wait too long before proposing a meet-up.

Blunder #4: Being Too Needy or Over the Top

Showing interest to a girl without coming off too strong is an art.
A great way to ask a girl out is by saying something like,

“[insert movie] is playing at [insert local theatre] and I need some cute
girl to watch it with.

Do you know any?;)”

This is a great text to send because it proposes a date while
teasing her at the same time. You are being fun and playful instead
of serious and needy.

When you are texting a girl for the first time, catch yourself in
the act if you do any of these 4 texting mistakes. Here’s a summary
of what they are:

1.Getting into long text conversations
2.Failing to spark her emotions before proposing a meet-up.
3.Trying too hard to get her to like you over text
4.Being too needy or over the top

Now that you know these mistakes, it’s time to create a texting
game plan. There’s actually a simple sequence of texts you can send
to get a girl out on a date. Learn the 3 types of texts that get a girl out on a date.

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