I Miss My Ex Girlfriend So Much It Hurts

If you’re saying to yourself “I miss my ex girlfriend so much it hurts,”
then I know she must be very special to you.

With this in mind, it is clear that you will attempt to get her back
in the near future. But before you do this, you will have to go through
a reflection stage where you find out what went wrong in your relationship.

Was it a big argument? Did her feelings for you fade? Was there cheating involve?

A lot of it comes down to your what goes on in your mind. These next
few sections show you what to do when you miss your ex girlfriend.
They are a way to “hack” into your own mind to learn about yourself
and discover a strategy to get your girl back.

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What to do When You Miss Your Ex Girlfriend

Think about when you first met. How was your character and behavior
when you first interacted with her? The way you acted obviously
worked to attract her, so focus on displaying that attitude again.

State of Mind
Your state of mind controls your character. How did you feel before
you met her? Were you high on confidence? See if you can remember
if there was something that gave you confidence right before
that first interaction you had with her.

Go deep into your memory and think of when you started to attract
her to you and what you felt/how you acted at the exact time your
relationship started to unfold.

Many guys stop acting in an attractive manner as soon as they start
becoming needy. This neediness usually arises from jealousy. The
fact that their girlfriend might be into other guys. Stop acting
this way to go from needy/clingy BACK to confident/attractive.

When your jealous/needy feelings go away, you’ll feel a lot better
than you feel right now. This is because you are letting confidence
spill back into your mind.

Bottom line: Replicate the state of mind and character that previously
worked to replicate the attraction she felt for you.

Get Rid of Neediness
You know that you need to go back to your old confidence self.
But how do you do it? It’s a lot easier to be yourself and perform
good “game” when your slate is clean of any worries.

When you first met your girl, there’s a good chance you had other girls
in mind. You might have been talking to a couple girls, flirting with
them, or plotting to ask them out. This is the key. You had abundance
in your mind. This means you probably didn’t mind getting rejected
by 1 girl since you had other options.

However, you met your girlfriend and boom, all your other options
vanished. You got focused solely on her. Now you are afraid of
losing her because she’s the only girl on your mind. You have One-itis.

Get in the habit of occupying your mind with other girls — just like
before. Just thinking about them works. Interacting with them and
going on dates works even better. You’ll soon feel your neediness
to one girl dissipate away.

With this new and improve attitude, you can now re-attract your ex

Re Attract Her Again
You identified bad behavior, and you are ready to replicate old
behavior that makes you feel better and more attractive.

It’s time to restart contact with your ex. Your new state of mind
should be indifference. You want her, but you don’t NEED her.
You like her, but you also have other options.

This attitude allows you to take more risks, because you aren’t
too worried about rejection. This is the essence of being a badass.
It is extremely attractive to women.

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