I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back So Bad

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you recently broke
up with your long term girlfriend.

In your mind you’re saying “I want my ex girlfriend back so bad,”
so you go out and try to get her back right away. You might even
see it as a mission to get her back TODAY. I’m going to tell you why
that behavior will lower your chances of getting back together with her.

See, your relationship just ended, and there’s a good chance heavy
emotions are going through you. You think of all the good times you
and your girlfriend had together, and you also worry about losing
her to someone else.

Consequently, these emotions might force you to text your girlfriend
long paragraphs professing your love for her. Or to text her needy
or desperate texts such as

“I miss you”

“I want you back,”

“please give me another chance”

You should change your aim from “I want my ex girlfriend back so bad”
to “I want to take a break to heal and improve myself.”

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Let Yourself Heal

Understand that this process doesn’t focus on your ex being the
target and you being the conqueror. This is all about you.

This is about restructuring your behavior to how you act with or
without your ex girlfriend. You are your own man, and your own sun.
You don’t orbit around another sun, everything else orbits around

Restrengthening yourself in the short term to be indifferent and
have a strong inner center of control can be the key to being happy
in the future and completely restarting the attraction your girlfriend
feels for you, like a light switch.


Work out your social muscle by learning how to laugh with other people.
You will feel much better and increase the abundance in your life.

Having many options of positive value in your life makes it less
hurtful when you lose one of them.

When your ex girlfriend sees that you have other options, she’ll
see this positive energy that you have which attracts other girls.
Interacting with other girls will not only make you feel better,
but it may possibly trigger in your girlfriend the need to compete
for your attention.

Watch For Hints

A woman communicates indirectly. She leaves signs to suggest how she
feels. Some signs show you that she still cares about you.

Anytime she texts or contacts you, no matter how plain the text
seems to you – it definitely means something to her.

If the girl only texts you “hi” or “hey”, don’t just scrap it off as
boring or weird that she sends you that.

Look at the hidden meaning: she texted you! This means she was thinking
about you. Be on the look out for these signs.

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Best of luck,