3 Good Sexting Messages to Send a Girl

Guys enjoy the fact that they are having sex. Girls like to enjoy the journey towards
sex. That means that guys are turned on by resolution and girls by tension. So you
must introduce tension while interacting with a girl. With this in mind, I prepared for you
examples of 3 good sexting messages to send a girl. These sexting techniques are used to create tension to turn her on.

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1. “The Tease”

Tease her by not giving her everything. The trick is to introduce a barrier that
supposedly keeps you two from doing things.

Here are a few examples so you get an idea of how it is delivered:
“It’s a shame that I have to go, otherwise we would have so much fun together”

“If there weren’t so many people here I would probably kiss you right now”

The barrier doesn’t even have to be real.
Similarly over text:
For example, you can tell a girl she looks really nice in a facebook picture she
posts up – and then say “it’s too bad you aren’t my type because we could really
have fun together if you were :P”

If she’s a cool girl, she might play along. Afterwards, you gradually describe to
her all the things you would do to her if she was your type. You want to come
across as being playful – so use enough emoticons like “:P” or “;)”. But don’t
send her too many emoticons or you’ll lose the masculine edge.

Another example:
“Right now I want to lift up your skirt and tear your little white panties off…
too bad I might be too tired when I get home ;)”

2. “The Denial”

The denial is quite simple. You just think of things you would do to her and
sarcastically say “I would never do (blah blah blah)” “never ever”
The more you deny it, the more you suggest to her the opposite so she’s not going
to take it too serious.

Here’s an example:
(she mentions something about taking a shower)
“I would totally never picture you.. just out of the shower..with a wet towel snuggly wrapped around your waist
I could never ever imagine that..”

Here’s one for a more advanced interaction. If you escalate and she says something
about slowing down, agree with her and text her the following:
“You’re right…I shouldn’t be touching your breasts….you
shouldn’t feel even more turned on….I really can’t be
pulling off your panties and going down on you… we
absolutely must not fuck like wild animals…now”

Notice how this text gradually escalates the sexuality. It doesn’t go directly to
sex in one sudden jump.

3. “Introduce Tension and Anticipation”

Insert ideas into your girl’s mind before you see her later on. It’ll drive her
crazy throughout her day imagining what you’re going to do to her.


“when I get home, you’re in biiiig trouble”


“I’m going to make your toes curl”


“Tonight you deserve an oily, soothing massage. All over.”

Sexting messages to a girl can completely change the interaction you have with her.
You will be surprised when she tells you how much you turn her on.

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