How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

You are texting a hot girl you like and you want to turn your text conversation
into a sext conversation. How do you do it?  How do you make the words you
send have such an impact that they turn her on?

When you first learn how to turn a girl on over text, it might seem too impossible.
It might be too hard to believe that it can happen. That is because men think differently
from women. Just like men get turned on visually by looking at the sexy curvy body
of a hot girl, women can get turned on by reading certain sequences of words.

To women, arousal begins in their minds. That’s why it’s pointless to send a girl
a picture of your dick. A girl that gets a graphic picture message like that either
gets completely repulsed, or actually thinks it’s funny that the guy has no idea what
he’s doing.

Instead focus on getting into a playful frame that escalates into a sexually suggestive frame. For some examples of these frames, check out my free sexting-minicourse.

3 Effective ways to Turn a Girl On Over Text

Here are some ways to turn a girl on over text.

1. The Roleplay

Roleplaying is one of my favorite ways to escalate. The reason that it works so well
is that they have an inbuilt compliance ladder. Getting into a roleplay implies that
you must continue it. It’s the name of the game. This presents a great opportunity
for you to escalate by getting a little bit sexual, adding more each time.

To help you understand a roleplay, think of it this way – you are creating a hypothetical
story on the spot. The story includes you and the girl which forms a connection.
You can transition to a roleplay from a conversation by creatively inventing things
that happen. The girl knows that you are kidding, and then she adds more to the story.
You then continue, and boom, you’re in a roleplay.


text a girl out of the blue something like,

“Just got milk at the supermarket, anything else you need me to get??”

She might now play along, or she might think you sent it to the wrong number (in which
case you keep it going so she knows you are playing)

If she plays along she might say something like

Girl: Steak and towels!

..and you’ll continue playing along..

Guy: I’ll also get cheese, grapes, and wine for later

See how I just planted the seed? I am testing the waters to see if she
bites. I want to see if she plays along.

2. Use Adjectives
The more adjectives you use, the more details a girl receives. Details that she uses
to think about things. Women always love the details. That’s why they’re so good at decorating and making things look nice.

3. Take Your Time
Instead of jumping straight into the penetration. Let some tension build with the
foreplay. This is the part that turns a woman on the most.

Plus, if you start at the end, there is less to sext about.

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