How to do Sexting With a Girl

One of the elusive skills of dating is knowing how to do sexting with a girl.

When I search online for ways to do sexting, I find many sites that have good advice,
but it’s the type of sexting that only works if you’re already in a relationship. A
relationship where sex probably already happened and there’s tons of rapport.

If you already have attraction and a connection (rapport), you can get away with
average sexting (as long as you don’t screw up too much).

When you are trying to sext with a girl you just met, it’s a different story.
Time and time again, I see guys doing it wrong. (Learn how to do it right with my free sexting minicourse)

The problem lies within the style of communication of the two genders.

Males are direct and get to the point. Females are indirect and suggest the point.

The Big Sexting Mistake – Being Too Sudden

When guys want to do sexting, this is what they usually do – they send something
along the lines of “I want to put my pee-pee in your cha-cha”

It is a sudden jump from ordinary conversation to a sexual conversation.
This doesn’t work in a relatively low rapport interaction where you have just met the

To guys, this direct language is perfectly fine. But to a girl.. not so fine.
Girls see this and may immediately get turned off.

Instead of directly saying it, suggest it. One of my favorite things to do is to describe something normal in a way that can be sexually ambiguous. Let me illustrate this.

If I’m drinking a mocha frappuccino, I can describe the curvaceousness of the
coffee cup, and how I run my hand along it as I grip it. I can also paint an image
of how I’ll slurp on the small round straw opening and suck on it continuously
as the juices of my drink go inside my mouth.

Believe it or not, a girl will read this and it will stir something in her.
Words have a profound effect on women. Why do you think the romance novel industry
has done so well?

A girl finds it exciting when a regular text conversation unexpectedly gets naughty.
It’s a thrill to her that this regular conversation transformed into something of
this nature. Imagine her saying to her friends, “we were just talking about coffee,
and then suddenly I was so turned on!” She wants to enjoy the unpredictable roller
coaster ride. This effect that you’re giving her is a form of value. It sparks her emotions. Learning to trigger a girl’s emotions is key when you learn how to do sexting with a girl.

Now that you have a mindset of how to do sexting with a girl effectively, it’s
time to develop a game plan. I recommend that you subscribe to my free
5 day sexting minicourse. You’ll also immediately get my free report “The Sexting Cheat Sheet” (with 18 sexting examples). Grab it here and start right away.

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